Dr. Robert Glover’s NMMNG Coach Certification Program

New, Revised Six-Month Online Program



"If you are considering taking the coach certification workshop with Dr Glover, rest assured, you are getting a man of significant depth. No matter the issue presented, he approaches it with equanimity using a deft touch, big compassion, and incomparable skill. It's a real treat to watch him in action. Do not hesitate: he’s a bargain at twice the price." - Canada

NMMNG Certified Coaches Are Making a Difference Worldwide

Dr. Glover's seminal book on masculinity, No More Mr. Nice Guy has served as a catalyst for positive change in the lives of countless men. Its principles resonate deeply, offering a roadmap for breaking free from self-limiting behaviors and embracing their authentic selves. The impact of the book has been profound, sparking a movement of personal development programs based on the principles of NMMNG.

Today, over 150 certified coaches, trained by Dr. Robert Glover himself, are actively working with men and women across the globe. These coaches have not only embraced the principles of No More Mr. Nice Guy but are also making a substantial impact on the lives of others. Through their dedication and expertise, they have become catalysts for positive change, helping countless men and women navigate the challenges of personal growth and self-discovery.

Many of our certified coaches are not only enriching the lives of others but are also making a good living in the process. The demand for NMMNG coaching continues to grow, and this certification program equips coaches and therapists with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in this rewarding profession

"I want to thank Dr. Glover for an excellent/awesome/brilliant virtual workshop. I got a massive amount out of it and I have a lot to go over again and again!" - New Mexico

Revamped and Comprehensive NMMNG Coach Certification Program

We are proud to present a comprehensive and revamped version of the NMMNG Coach Certification Program. Dr. Robert Glover, drawing upon years of experience and insights, has carefully crafted a program that goes beyond the book, offering a deep dive into the principles and practices that drive transformative coaching for men. Whether you're a seasoned professional looking to enhance your coaching skills or someone passionate about making a difference in the lives of men, this Certification Program provides the tools and knowledge you need to succeed.

The NMMNG Coach Certification Program offers an intensive, transformative six-month experience for professional coaches and therapists or those aiming to build a career working with men in coaching, groups, or developing personal development products.

Guided by Dr. Robert Glover and his Certified coaches, participants will deep-dive into the 12 core Nice Guy issues, practicing coaching skills within peer triads, and addressing personal challenges through Integrated Man small group processes. The comprehensive program includes continuous evaluation and feedback, an Integration Nation apprenticeship, and ongoing twice-yearly business development webinars.

Make a Bigger Difference - Get a Bigger Paycheck

Many coaches and therapists have used this certification as a catalyst to pursue coaching full-time, enjoying a more meaningful career, working on their own schedule and enjoying the freedom and autonomy of being a sought-after coach. With the NMMNG Coach Certification, you too can have a wider reach, make a bigger difference, and enjoy a larger paycheck.

In as little as six-months, you will be able join a prestigious network of NMMNG Certified Coaches and gain access all of the following benefits of NMMNG Certification:

  • Promote yourself as a Certified No More Mr. Nice Guy coach (or therapist).
  • Gain a powerful support system for your continuing personal and professional growth. 
  • Post your bio and professional offerings on Dr. Glover’s website, drglover.com.
  • List updates and offerings in Dr. Glover’s monthly Intention Into Action newsletter.
  • Receive referrals from men and women who have reached out to Dr. Glover seeking recommendations for qualified coaches.
  • Participate in twice-yearly business development webinars with other certified coaches to help you build your business and develop products and programs.
  • Receive a free lifetime access to the Gold Tier of Integration Nation and a free one-year membership to the soon to be launched Integration Nation Platinum Tier. 
  • Have the option of becoming an assistant coach in Dr. Glover’s Integration Nation with the perks and visibility this brings.
  • Have a unique opportunity to work alongside Dr. Glover and other Certified Coaches in various programs and workshops.
"I enjoyed and took tremendous value from the online certification workshop. The concepts presented, the personal feedback, and the group connection are all worth a lot. Dr. Glover has a talent for explaining things very well and going as deep as one can hope. I totally recommend the workshop." - Bulgaria

What The Six-Month Process Looks Like

Subject Matter of Training Videos & Calls

"I am grateful for the empowering and inspiring experience the virtual workshop provided. The style and energy were brilliant. The principles and models were helpful and wonderfully accessible in their simplicity and flexibility." - California

Our Goal

Our goal is to train the most effective coaches in the world who will work with Dr. Glover and the Integration Nation team to help men break free from the limitations of the Nice Guy Syndrome, level up to the best version of themselves, and live their best lives.

If you share this goal, join us.

How Do I Get Started?

Upon Completion

At the completion of the NMMNG Certification Program, to ensure the highest level of professionalism, certification candidates will be asked to affirm their commitment to abide by the ICF code of ethics and purchase and maintain Professional Liability insurance (also known as Errors and Omissions).

When Can I start?

You can dive in and get started at any point of the six-month cycle. You can then complete the program in as little as six months and begin identifying yourself as a NMMNG Certified Coach with all the benefits that entails.

Program Schedule

  • 1st and 3rd Sundays, 6pm UTC (90 minutes)Content Webinars

    Official Content Webinars for the Certification and Mentorship tracks.
  • 2nd and 4th Sundays, 6pm UTC (90 minutes)IM (Integrated Man) Group

    IM (Integrated Man) Group for the Certification and Mentorship tracks
  • 2nd and 4th Tuesday, 1am UTC (90 minutes)IM (Integrated Man) Group

    IM (Integrated Man) Group for the Certification and Mentorship tracks

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The NMMNG Coach Certification Program is a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn directly from Dr. Glover. This program will equip you with the knowledge, tools, and hands-on practice to effectively coach men and women, individually and in groups, while you embody its principles in your own life and make a great living doing it.

Enrollment in the program is through application only. Please click on the button below to submit your email address. We will then send you an application and set up a time to speak with you over Zoom to answer any questions you may have. Once admitted, we will send you a link to make payment for the program – either a one-time payment or three installments. Then you can start the program at any time. You will be on your way to making a bigger difference and earning a bigger paycheck.

Even if you are not currently ready or able to start the NMMNG Coach Certification Program, share your email address with us for future program updates.

Program Staff / Instructors

Dr. Robert Glover

Coach, Speaker, and Educator

Dr. Robert Glover is a relationship expert with over 40 years of professional experience as therapist, coach, and teacher. He is the author of the groundbreaking, No More Mr. Nice Guy, Dating Essentials for Men, and The Big Stick. In July of 2023, Dr. Glover launched Integration Nation, an international community of Integrated Men. Dr. Glover has trained and certified over 150 NMMNG Certified Coaches that are changing the lives of men and women worldwide.

Sidharth Agarwal

NMMNG Certified Coach

Sidharth is a lifelong educator and a leadership and executive coach with a fierce passion to help kids and adults realize their full human potential. He has led leadership workshops and retreats around the world. He brings a unique combination of modalities to his work which include Mindfulness, Co-active Coaching, Non-violent Communication, Radical Honesty, Conscious Leadership, and Yoga. Sid is the author of The Integrated Man, and The Nice Guy’s Recovery Workbook.

Jay Scott

NMMNG Certified Coach

Jay Scott is a men’s coach certified in Nice Guy Recovery by Dr. Robert Glover in 2020. Beginning with his own personal journey he has spent over eight years immersing himself in understanding Nice Guy patterns and behaviors. As a certified coach, Jay has dedicated the last four years helping men transform their lives by sharing his expertise through mentoring, training, and implementing strategies designed to help Nice Guy’s develop the skills and confidence needed to discover their most authentic selves and begin living their lives with purpose and passion.

"I'd like to express my appreciation for Dr. Glover sharing his vast grasp of human nature and relationships and for making such a positive impact in my life." - Australia

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Frequently Asked Questions

1What’s new or different from the earlier version of the NMMNG Coach Certification Program?
The earlier version of the NMMNG Coach Certification Program was offered as an extension of Dr. Glover's TPI workshops. This new comprehensive 6-month program dives deeper into 12 different core areas of Nice Guy recovery. The program includes facilitated Integrated Man groups where participants work on their own recovery. Additionally, there are peer triad groups for hands-on coaching practice. Also, the new program offers all participants an apprenticeship to work as an assistant coach with Dr. Glover and his certified coaches with Integration Nation. Overall, the new version of the program goes a lot more in-depth, gives more face time with Dr. Glover, and has many more opportunities for hands-on practice as a coach.
2If I don't meet the pre-qualification for the Certification, can I still enroll?
If you do not meet the pre-qualification for the Certification, you can still enroll. However you will not be granted a certificate of completion until you have completed the pre-qualifications, either during the course of the program or later. You will also not be able to take advantage of the various other benefits available to certified coaches till you receive a certificate of completion. These benefits include listing in Dr. Glover’s monthly newsletter, opportunity to assist Dr. Glover in future workshops, advertise yourself as NMMNG Certified Coach, listing on drglover.com etc. If you do not see yourself completing these pre-qualifications during or after the program, we would advise you to instead enroll in the NMMNG Mentor Program. If you do not see yourself completing these pre-qualifications during or after the program, we would advise you to instead enroll in the NMMNG Mentor Program.
3Can I do the program without attending any live calls and just watching the videos?
No, you cannot do the program without attending any live calls. However certain calls will be recorded and you can watch them on your own time without having to attend them live. These are 4 types of calls during the program.
  • Twice-Monthly Content Webinars: Attendance is highly encouraged and recordings will be available.
  • Twice-Monthly I.M Groups: Attendance is mandatory and the calls will not be recorded.
  • Twice-Monthly Triad Groups: Attendance is mandatory and the calls will not be recorded.
  • Twice-Annually Business Development Seminars: Attendance is optional and recordings will be available
  • .
4Will all the calls be recorded?
No, all the calls will not be recorded. Please see the question above.
5What’s the difference between the NMMNG Coach Certification Program and the NMMNG Mentor Program?
The NMMNG Mentor Program mirrors all the aspects and opportunities of the Coach Certification Program. It is tailored for individuals not necessarily seeking a professional career in men's work but those wanting to leverage the invaluable principles, insights, and practices of NMMNG for their personal development or support men in their lives in a non-professional capacity. If you are ready to do a deep dive into your Nice Guy recovery, have six months of contact with Dr. Glover and his trained NMMNG certified coaches, and get access to Dr. Glover’s community and content at Integration Nation, the NMMNG Mentor program is for you. The Mentor Program does not offer various additional benefits that come on completion of the Certification Program. These include listing in Dr. Glover’s monthly newsletter, opportunity to assist Dr. Glover in future workshops, advertise yourself as NMMNG Certified Coach, listing on drglover.com etc.
6What’s the Coach Alumni rate?
This is the discounted cost of the NMMNG Mentorship Program available only to coaches who completed their NMMNG Coach Certification prior to 2024 and who want to go deeper and take advantage of all the resources in this new version of the program.
7Is there a fast track version of the program?
8What if I need to pause my participation during the program?
If you need to take a break at any time during the program due to conflicts, finances, unforeseen demands, etc., you can pause your participation for 6 or 12 months and come back to the unit you left off on.
9How long do I have to wait to start?
The program begins on Sunday 7 April 2024, You can dive in and get started then or at any point of the six-month cycle after that.
10What is Integration Nation?
Founded by Dr. Robert Glover and based on his teachings, Integration Nation is a worldwide community of INtegrated Men. It is designed to give men a community and support system of other conscious men to help them uplevel in all areas of life. Check out integrationnation.net for more information.

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